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Terms on Services

Terms on Services

Terms on Services

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Store Owner's:

You can sign up for a free account. You may pay a monthly recurring fee for our store services. You may also leave it without a subscription and stay as a free owner. A free owner means that your store is free to use but you will pay a percentage fee of every item you sell. The fee's are written on your store, percentage fee's can change from time to time plus the recurring monthly fee. The monthly fee will most likely stay the same once you have registered.

You will pay us every time you make a withdrawal, fee's will be deducted from the transaction payment. You the store owner are responsible for all your product's, shipping,defects, damages, insurance etc. You are the owner of the transaction between the buyer and will resolve any issues with that person. We will be here to help the buyer and seller store if there are no resolutions plus The merchant company like PayPal. is not responsible in anyway with your product's that you are selling or have sold here. We are just the middle man giving you the tools for success. Providing the necessary tools for you to make a profit and sell, sell,sell. Please don't try to sell illegal items on our store because your account will be de-activated and your IP banned for life. We all know what is legal and illegal, plus no infringement in any way. This is a seller store account so just post product's that can sell. No illegal activities allowed, we monitor our website 24/7 and we will take all the necessary steps to resolve any type of issues. Plus we collaboarte with local law enforcement, please use our services safe.

Payments Transactions:

We use our merchant account services ready for you to start using. Accept credit card transactions on our website. The shopping cart and e-Commerce is ready for you to start selling. All over the world shipping services and payment gateways. You will pay the transaction fee of the credit card. There is a percentage that will be taken when your money is live and ready to withdraw. A small credit card transaction fee will be deducted for every sell you make. Plus the seller fee percentage that you will need to pay our website services. If you are in a monthly fee recurring you don't have to pay the seller percentage fee. Pick and choose what is best for you.

You the store owner are responsible for the shipping, Insurance or any type of issues that arise from the product transaction and delivery. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us today.

Withdrawal's: All transactions payments go to our account, then you make a withdrawal and gets deposited into your bank account. All payments we receive and goes to your account when you want it. Plus your seller store tells you how much money you have on your account plus deductions.

How it works to open a shopping store?


You can sign up for a buyer account, save your credit card's on file, create your profile and just go shopping. We use PayPal as a shopping cart payment gateway plus Stripe. Stripe and PayPal covers your money for any circumstances. PayPal is secure and 100% legit, everyone all over the world knows about PayPal. This is why we are using it. will help you if a dispute doesn't come to an agreement with a seller.

You are buying product's from many different store owner's here. Plus we at SJM own our own store here as well. If you find a product that you want just go ahead and pay for it, receive it and we all happy. You are protected with money back guaranteed. Please go ahead and read every single store's policies and info to know more about them.

If for any reason there is a issue please contact that store and try to fix it with them. If the issue doesn't get resolved please contact us on our contact form, we will help you. Last resort, we will use our Merchant services resolution disputes. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on our contact form.

You are using our services as a buyer or a seller store service. Enjoy our journey together.

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