Create a Shopping Store Start Selling

Create a Shopping Store Start Selling

Star selling on our e-Commerce store. You sign up free and start selling your own product’s. Create product’s on the go, fill up a form and upload images to your store. Go ahead and register free and start selling. It’s easy cheap and secure, use our automated merchant accounts plus shopping cart.

This is a great way to sell just because it is already there, you don’t have to create a website. This is your website where you can post product’s and sell online.

How it works:

You sell free and if you sell a product then a percentage selling fee will deducted for every item you sell. You don’t pay monthly or yearly. This is great if you have many different products and just want to sell online with a percentage fixed price. Plus you will pay a credit card transaction fee. At the end of the year we send you your profits.

Membership Plan:

You don’t pay a percentage fee. You just pay a monthly recurring fee. This is a monthly fee until canceled. This is great if you want to sell fast and lots of product’s. You have the choice here, percentage or monthly fee. This is great when we have different choices. Go ahead and visit our website at

Plus our store has SSL certificate installed and is backed up plus secured website. Go ahead a create an account today. If you are a store future owner please also contact us when registering and that you want to start selling with us. We activate accounts to real store owner’s only.