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Search Engine Website

You are buying the Search Engine Website that you will see when following this link. Go ahead and take a look, very fast to load. SEO Friendly website and very lightning fast.

We will install the website on your web hosting account at no extra charge. We can install on your existing web hosting account and should be compatible with the website code.

If you need a web hosting and will be 100% compatible please contact us. We will give you the best pricing if you buy this website already build.

The website is PHP and database driven. You will need a database access. If you need to make changes to the site; you will need a HTML website software.

You will get a administration panel restrictive only to admins so you can manage your site. You will get a your website exactly as live on the link that we provided.

You will need to make any edits to the site once installed or you can hire us to make the changes. All is PHP and edits can be made with any web editor.

Why should you own a search engine website? You can use it as an advertising tool and make ton of money. Advertising and Marketing is the best type of use, just think why or how you would benefit for this.

Act now to get your website fully working and ready in 1-2 days. Get your self a web hosting account and a domain name and you’re all set.

We can help you with all your website needs, contact us if you need help.

Once you purchase this nice fully working website, please contact us so we can start working with you. The logo will not be included or any trademark of our site.

You will be able to manage it completely and very easy on the admin interface. Very easy to use!

Go ahead and try it out and see how it works and operates. You can make unlimited changes to the site, it is 100% editable.

We will upload all files to your web hosting server once ready. There are no refunds once we upload the files to your server, so be sure you want to buy this. Webmaster’s ready here to help you get it working for you.


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