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Re-Seller Web Hosting Website & Design – Build your Company

Have you ever wanted to run and own your own web hosting company? Sell web hosting and domain names? Make money online while you sleep? Well if you have said yes to any of these questions then I can help you. One time fee to create your online website design and your web hosting services. No need to hire anyone else, I can help you get it done with this product.


You will need to purchase a re-seller hosting account which I can also help you with that. Ask me to offer this and you will save the most money and get a great web hosting account services. You will need to have a web hosting account for your site plus a domain name. You can purchase it at sjmwebhosting.com.

You will also need another license that I will tell you about when you have purchased. This is about another $10 a month. But if you purchase a bundle with license included then there is no license fee per month. This license is for the platform that runs all the billing and CPanel of the web hosting seller.

This is a lot of work and configurations and that is why the price is a little bit expensive. It will take about 1 month to get it all done. But, this is a great investment and all that money you can recuperate in less than 2 years. You will be able to make a lot of money depending how you advertise and marketing.

If you purchase this I will set a re-seller web hosting website for your company. Go ahead and purchase it today. You will purchase my services plus extra the re-seller account web hosting plan. Plus the domain name all what is needed to get this launched and ready.

Your website will be something like this but a little different and all working perfectly plus two different admin control panels. You are able to set up a payment option. 50% down today and 50% when complete. You will receive full access to the website once it is fully paid for. You are buying a deal package to start your own business, a web hosting business company. Your website will be configured to accept order’s and have many different customer’s, there is a big ROI on this. 2-3 weeks to get it all done.

Re-Seller Web Hosting Website & Design – Build your Company


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