Computer Repairs Services Fredericksburg – Antec Computer Windows 7

Computer Repairs Services Fredericksburg, Antec Computer Windows 7 – I built this PC custom built a while back. I know that I sold it but I don’t remember where and who. I create new or used computers for you, just let me know what your spec’s are and we can get it created. Do you need any computer repaired? Windows PC? Please visit our shop at 23 Commerce Pkwy, Unit 110, Fredericksburg VA 22406.

Is your computer running slow or not responding at all? Maybe you have a virus or spyware that doesn’t let you use your computer? Or just freezes while using it? Sometimes virus or spyware can ruin your computer and will have to buy a new one. Bring your computer to us first; we will provide you with a free diagnostics and will let you know if we can repair. Most of the times we are able to fix and repair your PC. You will save lots of money while hiring us! Our rates are worth it, quality of work is the best in Fredericksburg and Stafford Virginia. Computer Repairs Services Fredericksburg and Stafford VA and remote services.

We are honest friendly team, we will help you with all your computer problems. We do only work on Windows PC though. Please just come in and bring it to us or contact us today to make an appointment. We can make your computer run like new again. Our specialists can also build you a new custom computer if needed, maybe you need a gaming computer? Don’t worry we got you. Computer building will require a 50% down. This is to make sure we know that you are 100% wanting that PC and you won’t back down. Our time and work needs to be cover too.